Thursday, 5 January 2017

Squats and Dominators (together at last)

I was at the Warhammer World Open Day this Monday gone, manning the Specialist Games stand, but as the event had something of an old school theme (celebrating Rogue Tracer's 30th anniversary year) I brought along some Squats, Space Slann and Zoats to show off next to Tony Cottrell's original Sabre Tank Hunter, Spartan Assault Carrier and other assorted old school treasure.

Before putting the Squats back in my display cabinet I thought I'd take a quick picture of them for the blog. I realised I should have brought my two Dominators (Tyranid Warriror concept models briefly sold via Mail Order as otherwise unknown aliens) along to the show too, so included them in this shot just for fun...


  1. Seeing this reminds me how much I miss the good old space dwarves. I only wish my teenage self had bought these rather than the WFB stuff. I only have a squat I. Exo armour on a trike. Maybe one day they will get the attention they deserve.

    1. I wish I'd bought loads of Space Slann!

    2. Making up for deficiencies there can be uncomfortable. You and me and quite a lot of other folks. Wish there were more Space Slann sculpts out there. They're truly lovely models. And of course your squats and dominators look lovely. :) (I envy the dominators.)

  2. The Pudding Is Coming!

    Ha - brilliant mate - cheers for sharing again. I saw some of the Weekend coverage which had these in blurred shot so appreciate a picture not shot with a potato.

  3. Love that old monstrocities. Once again I realize I was born too late and bit too far south east...

    Which remnds me - was that RT reprint available ONLY at Warhammer World?

  4. How different the Tyranids turned out from the Dominators in the end! Wish I could have gone to the Open Day but it wasn't to be :(